In our role as a strategic talent management partner, we are faced with two conflicting truths that define and evolve the global talent landscape.
1.    There is a shortage of executive talent who are adaptable to change.
2.    There is a need for the “right executive talent” with the most current knowledge and skill sets to ensure productivity and growth.

Both these truths are inextricably linked. The reasons leading to the first truth are many: voluntary disengagement, retirement that is growing exponentially, high turnover, rising labour costs, high talent acquisition costs, lack of talent retention programs or complacency from success that prevents some from keeping up with changing times… whatever the reason, there is a domino effect that causes productivity to slow down, leading to a downward turn in growth.

Most organizations recognize the importance of both truths but are forced to put talent management issues on the back burner because of other more pressing corporate issues. Other organizations have made talent management a priority, thereby ensuring continued investment in their most precious asset: talent.

Through our work with a number of leading organizations across diverse sectors in North America, Middle East and Asia, in the field of talent management, we believe that a function of their success has been a) A clear vision to approach the looming crisis around talent, leadership and change and b) A systematic implementation plan comprising a Total Talent Management program that integrates functional areas of HR, finance, operations, sales, marketing and supply chain management with the strategic direction of the overall business.

Asked by the leader of a client organization at the start of the implementation of a Total Talent Management process was a very relevant question: ”What if we spend all this money on our people to keep them and they leave us in the threat of change?”
The answer: “What if you do not invest in them, and they all stayed?”*

In reality, the Total Talent Management program is just a tool, definitely not a rule, to aid organizations to strengthen their commitment towards their most valued asset. An asset who at any given point in time can decide to leave if not nurtured to stay and grow. Organizations who recognize that they have as much of a responsibility towards their talent as the talent has towards them, are the ones who ultimately win.

*…For this organization, we proceeded to implement a very successful Global Talent Assessment program comprising executive coaching, 360 degree feedback, customized training and development programs that ultimately led to business productivity through efficient operations and increased sales.