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Career Management Pro
Provides key insights into individuals' personal strengths as they make important career decisions.

All candidates

Emotional Quotient Pro
Provides an assessment of an individual's ability to process emotional information and apply the information effectively.

All candidates

Information Technology Pro
Provides fit to culture, coaching, developing candidates and probable performance.

IT Candidates

Management Pro
Measures and reports on the key personality factors important in management and sales management.

Managers, Sales Managers

Personal Orientation Pro (IV)
Designed to identify those individuals who have the characteristics of successful competitive sales people.

Competitive Sales Representatives

Identifies on large scale, which candidates to profile further (e.g., POP).

Competitive Sales Representatives

Addresses critical issues of selecting and matching customer and quality service personnel to the business cultures.

Manufacturing, logistics, service-oriented

For selecting and developing relationship building sales professionals.

Relationship Sales Representatives

Self-Employment Pro
Helps individuals identify their suitability for self employment and help them understand which types of self employment are right for them.


Our 360 Profiles measure specific facets of your organization's working environment and structured management model. The purpose of the 360 Profile is to provide constructive feedback to individuals detailing their strengths and those areas that require development.

Any organizational environment

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